Oxygen Mask (Set of 3)
$139 AUD


This professional product can now be used as part of your home care regime. The Oxygen Serum is carried in a medical cotton veil easily positioned over the face that will allow the Serum to then absorb into the skin for maximum penetration, delivering instant results. The LM Oxygen Mask contains Hyaluronic Acid and Beta-Glucan that visibly plumps and firms the skin. Encapsulated vitamins are also present for deeper penetration and efficiency; Green tea and Vitamin B leave the skin looking radiant. The Oxygen Mask can be used once a week as an intensive treatment or if the skin needs a boost for that special occasion.

Once the mask is applied to the face there should be no restriction in movement, leave on for ten to fifteen minutes until the cotton veil begins to dry and then remove. Apply any remaining serum from the packet over the entire face and neck including the eye area. If the skin is extremely de-hydrated apply LM2 over the same areas.


For the world traveller this is a perfect inflight booster.

Used once a week as part of your home care regime or before that special occasion.

To help reduce the appearance of fine lines or applying to mature skin add a thin layer of V-Tox under the Oxygen mask for instant results.

Once the mask has dried remove and apply the remainder of the oxygen serum left in the sachet over the entire face and neck including the eye area.

Oxygen serum leaves a fine residue on the surface of the skin revealing a natural glow. The same effect can be achieved every day with LM2.



This professional product can now be used as part of your home care regime. V-TOX is a natural alternative to botox. It works, not by freezing the muscles, but by relaxing the skin creating a more natural effect. The LM Oxygen Mask, contains hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan that visibly plump and firm the skin. Encapsulated vitamins for deeper absorption leave the skin looking radiant. Used in conjunction with V-TOX once a week, the skin will also be nourished with extra nutrients revealing a younger, healthier glow. Apply a fine layer of V-TOX over the entire face and then position the oxygen mask. Once the mask starts to dry out, remove and apply any oxygen serum remaining in the sachet to the face. Take care not apply V-TOX to the top lid or too close under the eye.


Water based products and essential ingredients can only penetrate into the skin if the surface layers are free from any build up of dead skin cells. Enzyme peel contains natural enzymes of papaya and pineapple, that when applied to the skin, will simply dissolve dead cells leaving the skin feeling smooth and silky. This gentle peel is perfect for every skin but with the addition of a fine walnut shell powder, it can be activated to give a deeper exfoliation, if required.Use once a week and read the instructions for the variation in the level of peeling required.