$299 AUD


This ground breaking product developed in the form of a balm, helps repair the skins natural barrier, adding softness and smoothness to the surface layers of the skin. High levels of Vitamin C have been added in an encapsulated protective layer, allowing the Vitamin to penetrate deeper and the anti-ageing properties to work much more efficiently. Amazon also contains powerful anti-oxidants in the form of Anthocyanin’s from the Acai berry. Ten times more potent than those found in red grapes; these berries provide the highest defence against free radical damage caused by environmental factors such as pollution, ultra-violet light, and smoking. Omega 6 and 9 essential fatty acids are present and are anti-inflammatory, helping soothe skin irritations such as Eczema, psoriasis, sunburn and any other topical skin irritation.

Amazon contains no fragrance additives; its natural smell of warm toffee comes from the Andiroba bean, another ingredient famed for its anti-inflammatory properties.


Can be used as a day or a night cream.

For easier application mix with one or two drops of Serum.

Can be used on sunburn or any skin irritation for immediate relief.

If make-up is not worn during the day Amazon gives a completely matte finish and protects the skin from environmental factors.

If used in the evening high levels of vitamin C are released while sleeping revealing a younger looking skin.



Essential oils have always been known for their amazing healing properties, so by adding a few drops of LM Serum will increase the effectiveness of your preferred cream. LM Serum is a combination of five essential oils to give that extra boost all skins need.

Completely absorbs, leaving no surface residue
Lavender: healing, balancing and soothing
Rosemary: aids skin regeneration
Geranium: anti-inflammatory
Cypress: Calming and soothing
Thyme: anti-inflammatory