4 Plant Oils that have Surprising Benefits for your Skin

Plant oils are fats taken from plants - literally - usually from plants’ seeds. These essential oils are usually highly concentrated non-water soluble phytochemicals that are distilled from plants. Traditionally, herbs and plants have been used for thousands of years to address illnesses or particular skin problems. Suffice to say, they’re an ancient remedy that have become popular again.


Many essential oils can be quite expensive, but that’s because a high quality essential oil takes a large amount of plant material to produce and is highly concentrated. That’s why in several of its uses, all you really need is a drop or two for it to work its effects on your skin. In this article, we uncover the benefits of geranium, rosemary, cypress, and thyme.

Benefits and Uses of these Plant Oils

Geranium: Anti-inflammatory


Use it as part of a moisturising face mist

To DIY, you’ll need:

  • A bottle of mineral water
  • Essential oil
  • Mist spray bottle


What You Do:

  • Add a few drops of essential oil to some mineral water
  • Combine and pour into a spray mister
  • Apply throughout the day as needed for added hydration


Alternatively, if you'd like to indulge yourself in something extra, try the LM Hydrating Mist that's packed with therapeutic essential oils, aloe vera, primrose, and a high percentage of hyaluronic acid that's said to be "the key to the fountain of youth". Hello, baby skin!


Rosemary: Aids skin regeneration

A woody, evergreen scent characterises this plant oil, and it’s part of the mint family.


Use it as a facial cleanser

What You Do:

  • Add 1-2 drops of rosemary oil to a carrier oil (such as castor oil)
  • Massage in thoroughly
  • Wash off with a warm washcloth
  • Works great for acne-prone skin


Cypress: Healing soothing

Cypress is derived from a Greek word “sempervivens” which means “live forever”.


Use it directly to treat the appearance of cellulite, wounds, or blemishes

What You Do:

  • Apply 2-3 drops of cypress oil to the area of concern


Use it as a makeup remover

What You Do:

  • Use in combination with coconut oil as a toning eye makeup remover


Thyme: Anti-bacterial and anti-septic


Use it directly to reduce the appearance of acne scars
What You Do:
  • Add 1-2 drops of thyme oil mixed to a carrier oil (such as almond oil)
  • Apply onto the affected area
Use it as a facial cleanser
  • Add 2-3 drops of thyme oil directly to your facial wash
  • Massage in thoroughly
  • Wash off with a warm washcloth


For a more thorough clean, you can choose to use the LM Gel Cleanser. With ingredients such as aloe vera and lavender oil to purify and fresh the skin, and salicylic acid with anti-septic properties, this cleanser dissolves any remaining traces of dirt and dead skin cells. Best of all, it leaves your skin thoroughly cleansed and ready for your day or night routine!


Important tip for using these plant oils!

If you purchase these essential oils directly, you’d want to dilute it in a carrier oil to a maximum of 5%. These plant oils are heavily concentrated, so you’d want to be careful about using too high a concentration on your delicate skin. Since 1 ml is the equivalent of 20 drops, for every 1ml of carrier oil, add 1 drop of essential oil. And always do a patch test on your forearm first!


Where can I find these oils?

plant oils

If you’re looking to blend some of these essential oils, you’d want to note some of these great combinations. For instance, rosemary oil works well with thyme, or alternatively, chamomile, lemongrass, lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus.


In the Linda Meredith Serum

The LM Serum is a combination of five essential oils (lavender, rosemary, geranium, cypress, and thyme) that’ll give the extra boost all skins need. Imagine combining all the powerful effects of each essential oil in one…


In the Net 45 Moisturiser

Geranium can be found in this moisturiser. Working in combination with sweet almond oil, avocado and camelia oil and chamomile, this moisturiser works to nourish and repair the skin, leaving it well moisturised with a healthy glow - great for dry skin.


What’s next?

Now that you’ve learnt about the benefits of each essential oil, you won’t have to ask what they’re used for next time. Drop us a message and let us know how these uses work for you. We’d love to hear from you!